5 CHEAP Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

PARENTS you made it through another SCHOOL YEAR. Even if grade’s weren’t as great as you wanted them to be; or if you forgot several times to bring snacks on your snack day, you have survived the first “post-pandemic”mask/no mask, school year of your lifetime.

Between the mass shootings, cultural and political climate, routine COVID-19 tests, and generally living in pandemonium, surviving this school year is sweeter than many of the others we’ve had before.


Now, back to these kids, let’s find something for them to do!

Here’s a list of things that will help you keep your kids loaded for their “How I spent my summer vacation essays”.

  1. Google, the best free museums and attractions for the summer in your city. Nearly every city will have a list of festivals, museum days, and activities you can take your kids to that will cost 0 dollars. The reason we need this? Gas is expensive, so let’s save some money.
  2. Take a moment to think about your bucket list, and see if any of those things are kid-friendly enough to bring your kids to.
  3. Do something you’ve always enjoyed doing as a kid: Take another moment to live in your nostalgia, was there something you absolutely loved doing as a kid, and it’s still feasible to do now? DO THAT. For me, I loved going to diary queen and getting a heath bar blizzard. It’s not close to me now, but within a few miles, i can be in DQ heaven.
  4. BEACH DAYS — yes, I’m sure we’ve all felt the pangs of mom/kid beach day, because of the towels the water, the water shoes, the nagging, the bathroom breaks, etc. But sometimes in the midst of all the chaos, there’s a moment where this activity can be relaxing for you, and rewarding for them. NOTE: the more times you do it, the less annoying it becomes.
  5. Go to the movies. WOW remember movie theaters? They’re back, and honestly, if you don’t take advantage of them now, they may be gone, forever. (GO TO THE SMALL THEATERS FIRST, THEY NEED THE MONEY). Also, research movies in the park, drive-ins, and other options too because they will enjoy it, and you’ll be able to ensure that nobody will talk to you for at least an hour. Not to mention, kids’ movies are meant to engage parents just as much as the kids.

We hope these helped. The summer is not as long as we think, and these kids need a break from YouTube and video games before they literally become the couch!

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