How are you mommy?

Good Day powerful nurturer! My name is Laura Miller and I’m the Director of Communications for Minds Empowered Counseling Services. I’m a mom, entrepreneur, daughter, wife, label, label, label… you get the drift.

Have you noticed how many labels at any given time one human being can hold? This is the sole purpose of Minds Empowered Counseling Services starting their MEC Moms initiative and this blog. Motherhood, as rewarding of an experience as it is, can be such an all-inclusive role, we can often forget who we are outside of it.

We wanted to create more spaces for moms in the mental health space because dammit we deserve it. So these entries are for you mom. As a matter of fact, we’re not even going to call you mom, from the moment you pee’d on that stick, people continued to call you that, like your name suddenly wasn’t as important than the future of the world that you were birthing, adopting, or caring for. But you definitely are important.

So whether you’re a new mom, a bonus mom, a confident and supportive auntie, mother of an adult, you’ve spent a great deal of your time being needed and sacrificing yourself for the betterment of others.

But not here! We’re not going to ask you for any money, we’re not going to expect you to wipe our bums, we’re not going to ask for help with our college applications, we just want hang out with you.

Throughout this blog, we’re going to discuss things that you want to discuss, that are important to your self-care, your mental wellness, and your personal development.

So please bookmark this page for when you need an ego boost or some good ole fashion inspiration.

Have the best day ever!



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